The citizen to believe in!

Jackson County citizens want...

  • To prevent needless taxes for wasteful spending
  • To end corruption through sweetheart money deals
  • To have nice neighborhoods that are safe places to live
  • To increase local business with great job opportunities

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Citizens Demand a Better Jail

Reasons to vote for Paul Wrabec: Responsible Spending for Jackson County Jail Better Jackson County Jail Operations Team New Law Enforcement at Jackson County...
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Womens League of Voters

Great questions last night at Womens League of Voters. I want to thank the everyone for attending!
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About Paul

Just like many citizens, that have spent their life working and raising a family in this district, I am a small business owner, son, father, grandfather, worker and neighbor.

The citizens deserve to finally have our votes matter, sensible taxes that benefit us, the citizens over politicians!

Please VOTE Paul Wrabec for Jackson County Legislature District 3 on August 7, 2018

Jackson County District 3 includes the ZIP codes 64050 to 64058 in Sugar Creek, Independence, Blue Springs, and Kansas City.

Call Paul at 816-898-4098 for yard signs, to donate or to volunteer

Everything is appreciated!